Splatoon Takes The Battle To The Kelp Dome


Continuing in the vein of fast-paced, gradual updates for Splatoon, a Tweet today from Nintendo of Europe revealed that Inklings everywhere can expect the latest Splatoon stage as soon as tomorrow. This time, we’re splatting up the Kelp Dome:

If you’ve made much progress in Splatoon’s campaign, you’ve probably seen the Kelp Dome before. It’s the location of your first encounter with the Octolings–octopus-like kids with all the same abilities as you, who face off with you in a mock battle. The Kelp Dome stage is riddled with levels and grates, so it’s easy to sneak up on an opponent…or be snuck up on.


has a video of the Kelp Dome from the Campaign, if you haven’t seen it yet:

Nintendo really is doing great with staggering these releases so that everyone can get used to the gameplay available before moving on to something new, and it’s fairly obvious that the content’s been finished for awhile. If you’re still on the fence about Splatoon, check out my review of the game.

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