Splatoon Inkbrush Will Be Added Today


Anyone who thought that Splatoon being “incomplete” was a reason not to purchase the game might be opening their wallets soon if content keeps coming at this rate. According to a Tweet from Nintendo of America, the Splatoon Inkbrush weapon will be added today at 7 PM PT:

This is after they already added the NES Zapper and a new stage, Port Mackerel, on Monday. At this rate, we’ll likely be seeing some form of new gear and a new stage every week for the next month or so, and who knows how long after that? The optimist in me hopes they keep adding new things all the way up to the big update with new battle modes in August.

The Inkbrush works like a roller. From gameplay videos we’ve seen so far, it looks like just running on the ground it covers a narrower swatch of turf than the regular rollers, but when swiped can cover a wider range and throw its ink. Sprinklers and Inkstrikes sound like a great combo for capturing Splat Zones in Ranked Battle.

We’ll know tonight once people start test driving the Inkbrush. Good luck, Inklings!

Splatoon was released for the Wii U on May 29th. You can read our review of the game here.

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