Rock Band 4: Now Accepting Song Requests


Following their official announcement of the game last week, Harmonix has created a song request form for fans to help guide the music selection in Rock Band 4.

Your requests will certainly help shape the direction of the upcoming music game’s soundtrack, but by no means will guarantee your song makes it in, as noted on the page:

"“Note: This page does not guarantee that a request will make it into the game. We can’t promise anything, but we will read every request to get a better understanding of what the community most wants to see in Rock Band!”"

Before you start cranking out your requests, you should probably do some searching in the Rock Band music database to make sure your favorite song isn’t already in the ecosystem. You’ll definitely want to be utilizing that search field because between all the games, DLC, and the now defunct “Rock Band Network”, you’ll be sifting through over 4,000 tracks.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to request every Wilco song ever. What will you be your first song request for Rock Band 4?

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