Lucas DLC Joins The Fray This Month


Nintendo of America announced via a Tweet this morning that Lucas will be joining the Smash roster on June 14th:

Lucas DLC will cost the same as Mewtwo ($3.99 for one system, $4.99 for both). You can check the pricing on the Splatoon hats and Mii fighter costumes there as well. If you missed it back when he was announced, here’s Lucas’s announcement trailer:

We also know from the Japanese Smash Bros. Twitter account that Smash will receive the Miiverse stage (Wii U only) and Splatoon costumes for Miis on the same day (translation:

Nintendo Everything


Hopefully we’ll see a Lucas amiibo soon, too…though it will likely be as in-demand and thus scarce (if not more so) as his pal Ness, as the nostalgia for the Mother games seems pretty strong.

With Lucas, all currently known characters will have been officially released, leaving us wondering who will be the first fighter out of the Smash Ballot to join the battle. There’s still time to submit characters if you haven’t yet!

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