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This week’s GameSided Roundtable topic: “What character do you want to see represented in Super Smash Bros?”

Rebekah Valentine (Twitter)

I’ve been a fan of the Golden Sun series since it first debuted in 2001. It was my first JRPG. I loved the story, the characters, the adorable Djinn, the music, the graphics…everything. When its sequel, The Lost Age, came out in 2003, the fan community (including myself) was ecstatic. It was even bigger and better than the original. Unfortunately, the series has gotten little love since, with Dark Dawn (2010) as a mediocre third installment. Even after the main protagonist Isaac’s appearance as an Assist Trophy in Brawl, he wasn’t reinstated in Smash for Wii U/3DS. All we got were a few hidden music tracks.

Yet Isaac would be a fabulous addition to the Smash roster. Far from just “another sword user,” Isaac has the ability to use Psynergy, a kind of magic unique to the Golden Sun universe, specifically of the earth-based variety. He can move the earth, cause plants and vines to grow, summon big exploding magic swords out of the sky, send rocks and spires flying at enemies, and more. With the wide variety of Psynergies available to him, it would be easy to make Isaac as unique or as simple as the designers wanted him to be. Furthermore, Isaac also has helpful elemental spirits called Djinn at his disposal, able to be used in battle and then summoned for even greater powers (Judgment Final Smash, anyone?).

Though maybe not the most likely candidate, Isaac is representative of one of the best RPGs Nintendo has, one that still has a lively fanbase. Besides, we’re about due for a sequel to Dark Dawn, as the game ended on a huge cliffhanger. I really hope the Golden Sun fan community rallies on this ballot and votes for its favorite Warrior of Vale to join the battle.

Eric Chrisman (Twitter)

If I could get one character in Smash Bros, it’s a very simple answer. Bomberman. He’s such a perfect fit, it’s a wonder he’s never been included. He’s been around nearly as long as any longtime mascot, and he remains a timeless symbol of fun & simple gameplay, Plus, with his various bombs & power-ups he’s able to cause chaos. Lots of chaos. A key element to the Smash Bros. games is chaos, what with random things from umbrellas to laser guns to pokeballs pooping up randomly to use. A guy throwing all kinds of bombs all over the place would greatly add to that chaos, and in a good way.

Bomberman is such a perfect fit for the Smash Bros franchise, it’s sort of sad he’s not a mainstay already. Hopefully, that will be rectified in the near future.

Daniel George (Twitter)

Since the question doesn’t ask to be realistic, I would love to see Geno from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars “bring the starpower!” Just think about his move set; standard B, with enough time, would give him a Geno Boost in damage. Down B would use Geno Blast to launch small beams of energy from the heavens, hitting the surrounding area. Up B would be him getting launched from a star. Regular smashes would come from him kicking and launching short-range fist projectiles, just like his unarmed attack. Finally, his Final Smash would be a monstrous Geno Beam, where holding B until 3 stars emerge will widen the range of his attack across the stage.

More importantly, Geno’s inclusion in a Smash Bros. game would mean Nintendo and Square Enix would be on better speaking terms than they are now. I’ve been clamoring for a Super Mario x Final Fantasy style of traditional RPG ever since Seven Stars came out. While Paper Mario is great in its own right, the kind of storytelling that comes from classic Square is always something to strive for. As long as it would gear its difficulty towards a middle-ground audience. Seven Stars got way too easy near the end, as players got much stronger than the enemies.

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