The Wrong Resident Evil (Zero) Will Get An HD Remaster


UPDATE: Capcom has released an announcement video very early this morning, confirming that the original director and some of the original Resident Evil Zero staff will be working on the remaster.

ORIGINAL: Going with the easier remaster route (rather than creating the long-desired Resident Evil 2 HD complete remake), Capcom has taken the lead from Resident Evil HD and will go back even further in the franchise’s past. Dengeki Online has revealed that the rumored Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster leak from late last year is official. Coming to the PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360, it is scheduled for an Early 2016 release.

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For those who are unaware about the last title released in the main Resident Evil series before 4, Resident Evil Zero takes place just before the events of Resident Evil’s Spencer Mansion incident. Chronicling the events of the Bravo S.T.A.R.S. Team, you play as either police officer Rebecca Chambers or convict Billy Coen. You can zap between control of either of the two in what was then known as the “partner zapping” system, with each character having their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, items are not dropped in item boxes, but in any room. They will be indicated on the map, so you know where to find them.

It’s been a while since personally playing Resident Evil Zero, but I do remember the zapping system meant a creative bankruptcy on the game’s puzzles. Hitting the brakes on the runaway train sequence just highlights the notion that Capcom was running out of steam within their “tank controls + narrow corridors” style of direction.

Since the original Resident Evil Zero heavily relies on beautifully-crafted, pre-rendered backgrounds for most of its art, being on PS3 and Xbox 360 won’t seem to be a major impact on the current-gen versions. It will be a 14-year-old game at release, after all, and will likely require minimal remake work outside of programming changes to replace minor movie files. At least, that is if it will be receiving the similar treatment Resident Evil HD was treated to.

There is currently no price information about Resident Evil Zero at this time, nor about all possible distribution methods. Either way, it’s another title in the way of Capcom just going out and remaking/reimagining Resident Evil 2, the greatest game in the series. We’ll have to see if HD remakes truly are a “key business activity” for Capcom after all.

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