First Battlefield Hardline Expansion Is Called Criminal Activity


Battlefield Hardline came out earlier this year with mixed to positive reaction. No longer was it about soldiers in a war battling it out against each other, but about cops and robbers pulling off or thwarting high-stakes robberies. It looks like the game’s first expansion will swing in the criminals’ favor, as Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity has been officially announced by EA. The reveal is accompanied by a trailer, highlighting exactly what maps players can expect to be playing with this June.

Code Blue is an urban stage centered around a hexagonal building host to the “Blue Eclipse Nightclub & Lounge.” Keeping true to its namesake, the color blue is a strong motif that highlights its many narrow choke points for combat. The Beat is a map that holds play around low-incoming LA housing. Local storefronts and a gas station will be key to the level’s creativity, alongside driveable lowrider cars. Black Friday is, aptly, located in the Palm Court Mall. Looks like a perfect place for run-and-gun firefights, if you ask me! Finally, Backwoods looks like an abandoned lumber mill. Lots of broken bridges, camper vehicles and bundles of logs will provide plenty of cover.

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The aforementioned maps, 4 new weapons, 2 new attachments, 2 new vehicles, 6 new masks, a new game mode and a powerful new gadget are the main highlights of this new Battlefield Hardline expansion. As always, those with Battlefield Hardline Premium will get two weeks early access in June. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more about its ongoing DLC content during EA’s press conference during E3 2015, even if it comes alongside the announcement of a new title for 2016.

Battlefield Hardline is currently available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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