Battlefield Hardline Premium Membership Announced


As is tradition with AAA online first-person shooter multiplayer games, what you get at launch isn’t near the entirety of the big picture. Today, EA has announced Battlefield Hardline Premium, promising early access to ongoing content add-ons extending beyond this year. That’s right, players can expect four expansion packs that bring maps, aesthetic personalization options and other bonuses to be released periodically until early 2016.

Retailing at $49.99, here’s what comes with the Battlefield Hardline Premium membership:

  • Additional player mask that provide untold “gameplay benefits”
  • A gun bench that lets player track weapon stats (kills, etc.) and customise their look with gun and ammo skins
  • Exclusive tournaments and ladder setups
  • Gives you Legendary Status to extend multiplayer progression replayability
  • “Criminal Activity” and “Robbery” expansions this summer, “Getaway” expansion this fall and “Betrayal” expansion in winter early 2016.
  • Access to each expansion two weeks earlier than regular gaming pulic
  • New gameplay modes, vehicles and story themes in each expansion
  • 12 Gold Battlepacks
  • Exclusive double-XP, in-game missions and events

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Finally, and I know this has been a feature prominent in Battlefield entries past, but the Battlefield Hardline Premium membership also comes with priority position in server queues. As minor of an issue as this may seem (open rooms don’t require queuing up), we’re now living just days after the FCC classified the internet as a Title II utility in the United States, helping to prevent fast and slow internet lanes from being an enforceable possibility from internet companies like Comcast and Verizon. Having players pay almost as much as the base Battlefield Hardline game itself to gain access to faster wait times in online lobbies just rubs me the wrong way.

Either way, if you’re dedicated to the Battlefield Hardline gameplay experience after testing out its pre-release gameplay, getting the Premium membership for a price cheaper than picking up all expansions as singular DLC purchases still seems like the best way to go.

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