Killing Floor 2: New Map ‘Manor’ Revealed For Next Content Update


In their first address to the community since Killing Floor 2 entered Steam Early Access, Tripwire Interactive revealed the newest map coming to the shooter. The new map called “Manor” looks to be a mess of claustrophobia hallways and dusty sconces. It’s unclear whether the new map is a remake of the “Manor” map from the original game, but judging from the screenshots it shares little resemblance. Here’s how they describe it:

"Set against a Swiss cliff side, this modern fortress hides many secrets. While the raging storm outside approaches, evil has begun to leak out from its imposing walls. You are being invited in (well you’ve been offered dosh to clear the place out!), are you up for the challenge?"

The developers are still in the data collection and absorption stage as they continue to monitor forums, watch streams, and get a general feel for how players are reacting to the still in-development product.

But it sounds like there might be some other new items accompanying “Manor” in the next content update, although Tripwire isn’t spilling the beans yet. The short blog post only goes as far as to mention “there are many irons in the fire here at Tripwire HQ (maps, perks, weapons, characters, bosses, more?)”, so it’s hard to predict what other things may be joining the new map in the upcoming content update.

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