Killing Floor 2 Uses Dynamic Lighting to Discourage Camping


Killing Floor 2 uses a highly modified version of Unreal Engine 3, giving it a giant technical edge over its predecessor. One feature the engine brings to the series is dynamic lighting, and for Tripwire Interactive it isn’t all cosmetics, they’re using it to affect how you play.

A Killing Floor veteran always has a favorite spot on each map. Hours of play and experimentation reveal the most advantageous and defensible areas on a map. Killing Floor 2 aims to disrupt this reliability by making areas less favorable over time. As you and your companions lob grenades and spray lead in the direction of enemies, you’ll probably be hitting light sources in the process. As the lights are destroyed the enemies become harder to see. Visibility has always been a factor when fighting the specimens and camping one particular area each round won’t be as beneficial in Killing Floor 2.

You can still stick to your favorite spots, but they inevitably become dark and more dangerous. You’ll also notice everything start becoming red, since Killing Floor 2 also introduces a persistent gore system. The blood of your foes will keep pooling on the floor and splattering against the walls. Campers be warned: you’ll be living in a dark sticky red box, so don’t forget your flashlight…and a towel.

Killing Floor 2 enters Steam Early Access April 21, 2015.

Source: Youtube

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