Sword Or Whip? Igarashi Wants You To Decide


Designer and producer of the Castlevania games, Koji Igarashi (also known as IGA) has just put up a new website that has Castlevania fans wondering what he’s cooking up.

The website, swordorwhip.com, allows visitors to…well, pick a sword or whip, “voting” effectively. You can vote multiple times if you revisit the site after a few minutes.

Whatever’s going on here, it’s obviously Castlevania, especially with that hashtag #igavania and the choice between a sword and a whip, the whip being the iconic weapon of the Belmont clan. Siliconera also reminded us that during the Penny Arcade Expo last year, some attendees received a mysterious flier that hinted at Igarashi starting a Castlevania-related game on Kickstarter. Igarashi, formerly affiliated with Konami, left to work on other projects in 2014.

Kickstarter campaigns for reboots of old titles and spiritual successors seem to be in the new a lot lately, with Mighty No. 9 bringing back old Mega Man and, of course, the popular Yooka-Laylee which has now burned through nearly every stretch goal set before it (Disclosure: Author has contributed to the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter campaign). With these successes, the nostalgia of Castlevania fans running high, and Lords of Shadow 2 receiving mixed reviews, a Castlevania KS by IGA would likely achieve success.

Oh, and try inputting the Konami code on swordorwhip.com. It’s a fun Easter Egg! The dialogue also changes if you stay on the page and keep picking things long enough. I just joined the Iron Flail Clan, apparently, though I have no idea what that means (I keep picking the whip!) He also keeps calling me Phenex the Poignant.

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