PS4 Sales Now Total Over 22.3 Million Worldwide


Sony has posted their quarterly financial results today, and things are looking good for more than just the PlayStation division. However, since this is a gaming site, we will cover the basics first; the PlayStation 4 (PS4) has now sold more than 22.3 million units worldwide. This number indicates the amount sold to retailers, however, as opposed to previous sold-through announcements that usually come as PR statements. In fact, Sony moved 14.8 million PS4 units in the past financial year ending in March 31, 2015. The expectation is for the PS4 to sell 16 million units over the next financial year, indicating a promise of growth.

As the PS4 grows, the others haven’t quite kept up. PS Vita and PlayStation Portable sales combined for 3.3 million over the year, which is down from 4.1 million total last year. The PS3, Sony’s last-gen console, saw a rather large dip in sales over the past year, totalling just 3.1 million compared to last year’s 7.1 million. It makes sense, however, as more and more games are abandoning the PS3/Xbox 360 generation of consoles for development strictly on these new gaming platforms.

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Overall, the gaming division at Sony saw huge boosts. Primarily on the back of the success for the PS4, for the fiscal 2014 year (ending on March 31, 2015), the Game & Network Services division saw an operating income of roughly $401 million. Compared to the previous year’s loss of $78 million, you have to think Sony is happy at where they are at this point in time, especially as the company proper enjoyed a $576 million profit (a 159% year-over-year increase). Plus, with a forecast of quadrupled profits over the coming fiscal year, things are actually looking good at the electronics and insurances corporation.

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