Activision Teasing New Guitar Hero Game Like We’re Idiots


Continuing a tradition of teasing things we are all aware the full nature of, Activision has released a teaser video today, hinting that, “It’s about to get real.” What’s about to get real? Activision is keeping mum about it. However, with an astute (read: conscious) mind, you can piece together what video game is being teased for a reveal tomorrow. (Hint: it’s very likely Guitar Hero)

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First off, the first thing we see is a guy with an extraordinary amount of bracelets fawning over a guitar pick, with an over-the-top British lady voice asking for a group to get on stage “right now.” We then cut to a group of people in what appears to be a dressing room, where we can see a guy tuning his electric bass. Next are quick cuts to a group of people excitedly walking around backstage at a big event, a girl wishing the camera “Good luck” before biting her lip sensually, said group huddling together, screaming “This is it,” a cut to what appears to be a roadie with long hair and a beard setting up equipment, and finally ends with the group getting on a huge concert stage, with tens of thousands of screaming fans at the waiting.

Whatever could this not-Guitar Hero tease possibly be? Perhaps Activision’s finally releasing a new Crash Bandicoot game?

With a reported leak of a new Guitar Hero game scheduled for a 2015 release weeks ago (suspiciously after news about a new Rock Band game started to surface), it’s clear that this tease is probably hyping up a new Guitar Hero game from Activision. The exact nature of where the company plans on taking the series is unclear, but if you’re going to be supremely obvious about what you’re teasing, then why pretend like we’re idiots who are incapable of putting two and two together?

What’s even worse is the fact that Activision is handing out the above video to outlets with the promise that they won’t say that they’re teasing Guitar Hero. Polygon has made that much clear. The above video was found and tweeted out by Wario64, who saw it on Youtube. The only way someone who sees the above trailer doesn’t automatically get that it’s a new Guitar Hero game being teased is if they’re unaware that Activision holds the rights to the series. Just tell us new information about the games you’re teasing, or actually make it a surprise about what game you plan to share! You know, respect your audience’s intelligence!

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