Signs Point To Truth Behind Next-Gen Rock Band Report


2015 has received quite a loud start from the gang over at Harmonix. Not only did they launch their first set of song-based Rock Band DLC in almost 2 full years, but they also sent out an “important survey” with hints about how the consumer would handle and buy for a potential next-gen Rock Band game. Now Bloomberg has reported that a new Rock Band game is in development, according to their source close to the situation.

Not much else is said about the new project, other than the fact that the person has relayed that the game will be in development for both the PS4 and Xbox One. Although, considering all the steps made towards revitalizing gameplay efforts into what Harmonix already has with Rock Band 3, this report absolutely makes sense.

Recently, Harmonix has released yet another set of Rock Band song DLC, in the form of “Rize of the Fenix” by Tenacious D and “Back to the Shack” by Weezer. Plus, there was speculation that the music game would get an announcement at PAX East, as there was a mystery game from Harmonix as part of the “Pinny Arcade” pin trading. Even though Harmonix PR insists otherwise, it’s possible some sort of comment can be made at the event.

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For me, the only way that this can work for Harmonix is to make sure that old PS3/Xbox 360 instruments can work on the next-gen versions of Rock Band. Whether it be through a dongle or by firmware support, trying to restart the music video gaming business once again and telling fans to spend hundreds of dollars on plastic gaming accessories a second time is just not going to work. In that same vein, we need to be able to use the songs listed in our PlayStation/Xbox accounts to be transferred to the new game. At the very least, offer some kind of one-time-paid pass to let fans use their back catalog.

As long as Activision doesn’t try to pump out a new Guitar Hero game every 6 months in competition (ultimately killing the market in the first place), a new Rock Band game can thrive once again. Make it happen, Harmonix!

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