When it was initially revealed that Mario Kart 8 would receive..."/> When it was initially revealed that Mario Kart 8 would receive..."/>

Mario Kart 8 Tracks At 200cc Are Damn Fast


When it was initially revealed that Mario Kart 8 would receive a free update to include a 200cc mode (for the first time in the series’ history), I understandably reacted as if it were the combination of F-Zero on Wii U (c’mon, Nintendo!) and Sonic the Hedgehog. Turns out, in practice, Mario Kart 8 will now play just that fast. A new video from NintendoWiiUUK shows a side-by-side comparison of Piranha Plant Pipeway in both 150cc and 200cc speeds, and the difference in speed is quite notable.

It was teased in the initial reveal video, but you can already see how going fast will be a factor when it comes to shortcuts in this new-world Mario Kart 8. You can fly straight over the castle gates near the end of the track, whereas before you could only fly under. Furthermore, certain corners will now almost require mandatory braking, as R-button turning mechanics might not be enough, no matter how early you go. The result; a 10-second difference in speed in a level that takes 40 seconds at 200cc.

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As much as Nintendo does a bad job of catching up to the times of current game standards, on occasion it could also result in good things. For example, I’m not sure what other developers/publishers would release a brand new gameplay mode like this one in Mario Kart 8 for free, 11 months after its initial release. In an ever-increasing world of platform-exclusive racing games that come with terrible microtransaction schemes, sticking with reasonably-priced add-on track packs, costumes and characters that are post-release developed seems to be a decidedly Nintendo thing right now. It should make going back to Mario Kart 8 that more interesting when the upcoming April 23rd patch is released.

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