Nintendo Direct: Mario Kart 8 Racing At 200cc DLC Update


Coming April 23, Mario Kart 8 receives free DLC packed with a brand new racing mode: 200 cc. Even faster and more challenging than before, this is the first Mario Kart entry to up the ante in this regard.

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In addition to this free offering, DLC Pack 2 got some new updates in the form of a trailer featuring new Animal Crossing courses. Showcasing the signature aestethic and character styles of Animal Crossing, the trailer shows off each course throughout day and night. Check out the trailer of the course in the video below.

The new Animal Crossing DLC seems to be adding a pretty new aestethic to grab you even further into the different realms of Nintendo. Hopefully, Nintendo looks to add even more of their big characters into the game in even more updates in the future. If I cannot get Star Fox in game this year, I would love to take Mario Kart 8’s new gravity feature into space!

Watch out for that mole! 200cc and the new DLC Pack 2 will both be arriving for Mario Kart 8 April 23, 2015.

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