Professor Layton 7 Announced…For Smartphones


Don’t worry, you are completely experiencing deja vu, nor some sort of Matrix-like headline glitching. Level-5 is here to bring joy to children and young adults on the 3DS, while scorching the handheld gaming console landscape of beloved titles for other demographics. From Siliconera comes the news that Level-5 have announced the next Professor Layton game, called Layton 7. It will not be coming to the Nintendo 3DS, however; it will be coming to smartphones.

What we know about Professor Layton 7 is rather bereft of hard facts, what does seem clear, to me, is that it is a “Layton” game in name only. Cards, fortunetelling, and deduction skills are used to determine “who the ‘vampire’ is,” according to translated descriptions of the game. Below you can see some of it in action, with Professor Layton in card form.

Alongside the Yo-Kai Watch worldwide release and the mobilization of Fantasy Life 2, Level-5 seems to be providing a good, a bad, and a reasonable middle ground decision among their announcements. The Professor Layton 7 business seems to be one of the very bad end, where a brand name seems to be slapped on a different type of game entirely in order to sell a lesser product. A Professor Layton game on mobile could work. It has worked in the past. This does not appear to be the same case.

Hopefully, there is more than meets the eye with Professor Layton 7, with more details to be released in the future. The game will be released on iPhone and Android devices this summer in Japan. Perhaps the Nintendo 3DS version, should it still exist, will look and play wholly different. That would be nice!

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