Fantasy Life 2 Confirmed…For Smartphones


It’s not just Capcom that’s allowed to bring beloved franchises from dedicated gaming consoles to smartphones at the threat of alienating their core fanbase! In the same event that saw Yo-Kai Watch announced its inevitable arrival in North America (and the world) next year, Level-5 has officially announced details surrounding Fantasy Life 2. The official title, Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons and the Village of God, will forego the Nintendo 3DS this time around. That’s right, according to Siliconera, the game will launch on iOS and Android devices only.

From what was shown, it appears as though Fantasy Life 2 will combine its job-like “life” system (taking on different occupations) with a new Village feature, where you build a city and fill it with villagers and friends. That’s not to say it will entirely become a new semi-casual adaptation of Farmville (although it totally looks like that style of play is at work for the Village component), as you can still gather a party of friendly characters and take down monsters.

Few details have been provided about the payment scheme for Fantasy Life 2, although the above screenshot does feature a diamond-like gem space in the top-right corner, with a “+” button available. Considering there are stars, coins and hearts underneath, indicating in-game currency, you have to think that Fantasy Life 2 offers some sort of microtransaction scheme to it. It’s not 100% official, but I’ve played (and worked on) enough games with microtransactions to call a spade when I see a spade.

Seeing how Fantasy Life only got late legs in North America last year on a 2-year Japan-release delay, who knows if North America will get a Fantasy Life 2 release. It’s currently on schedule for release in Japan this summer.

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