Best Cards In Blackrock Mountain, According to Hearthstone Pros


Mere days before the release of Hearthstone’s newest adventure, Blizzard showcased the cards of Blackrock Mountain in their entirety for the first time. Three Hearthstone pros- Thats Admirable, Chakki, and Ekop, joined forces to discuss their favorites of the collection, and as expected some card were dubbed horrible, while others were deemed amazing.

The video, which spanned over 2 hours, aimed their professional eyes on each new card in Blackrock Mountain. It’s quite a long video, so I’ve already done the grunt work for you. Here are the five best cards (in no particular order) according to the professionals:

Emperor Thaurissan

All three pros unanimously praised Emperor Thaurissan as the best card in the new set, pointing out the game-changing effects it could have. Chakki speculated about the various deck-types that the card would improve including “Freeze Mage” and “Handlock” but pointed out its power wasn’t limited to any specific deck, “It opens up crazy combos…it makes good cards better, so I think this might go in any deck.” If Emperor Thaurissan isn’t immediately dealt with by your opponent, then his effect will continue to cheapen your cards and make the game nearly unwinnable for your opponent. The Emperor looks poised to rule over the Hearthstone community come April 2.

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The effects of Chromaggus makes it a minion that must be dealt with. If your opponent fails to silence or kill Chromaggus, then the card will continue to gain value until it snowballs out of control. However the effect is lightly misleading- you gain a second copy of the card drawn, not another copy of Chromaggus. The six attack also means it won’t be killed by Big Game Hunter, “They have to actually dedicate a lot of resources to killing it”, Admirable pointed out.

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Dragon Consort

The battlecry of Dragon Consort has no limit on its duration, allowing you to play the card at any point and utilize the reduced cost whenever you see fit. The trio agreed that this single card would make Paladin the “go-to” dragon class, further strengthening the already resilient class. As Admirable simply puts it, “Expect this card to be in decks.”

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Volcanic Drake

The addition of Volcanic Drake may have a drastic effect on when players decide to trade with minions on the board. The card punishes players who ignore enemy minions and just attack the hero. If your opponent fails to trade with your minions, you can make the trades yourself and play a cheap (or free) Volcanic Drake. The pros all agreed it was a good card, but weren’t sure how many players would use it, although as the conversation continued the tone started to change. Admirable theorized potential uses for the Volcanic Drake, and his excitement for it amplified, “This card is really really dangerous…this guy seems busted.”

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Fireguard Destroyer

The Fireguard Destroyer looks like an attempt to breath new life into the struggling Shaman class. It has the potential to summon as a very powerful minion, and its cheap cost means it will be dominating when played in the Arena. It was Admirable’s first time seeing the new cards and he was obviously impressed by Fireguard Destroyer, “This is wonderful, this is everything Shaman wanted in a card.” Chakki echoed the praise saying, “This guy is really powerful, he does a lot of damage and has no efficient answers.” The card is very strong, but I’m curious if it’s enough to bring Shaman back into the competitive rotation.

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Professional players chose these cards, and their favorites tend to vary from the typical Hearthstone player. What single card are you most excited to try out? Join the conversation below in the comments.

Source: Youtube

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