Prepare Your Gold, Blackrock Mountain Is Coming to Hearthstone!


Hearthstone’s latest adventure, Blackrock Mountain, is launching on April 2 in the Americas region, and April 3 for everyone else. The new adventure will add 31 new cards(that may need balancing) to the game and will unlock at the rate of one wing per week. This follows the release format set by the Curse of Naxxramas adventure with one difference—no freebie. Players were given the first wing of the Curse of Naxxramas for free if they logged in during the release period, but this time you’ll have to pay up.

However Blackrock Mountain appears to be giving players slightly more value by packing in an extra card, and 4 bosses more than Curse of Naxxaramas provided. If you pre-purchase the adventure before April 2 you’ll receive a special card back and save a little money. The new adventure can also be purchased with in-game gold, but you need a large sack of it. Each wing can be unlocked for 700 gold, meaning you’ll need 3,500 gold to unlock the entire adventure- so get to grinding!

Many players will be buying the adventure purely for the new cards, but if your interest lies in challenging the AI bosses of each wing, you may consider holding off until we see how the wings of Blackrock Mountain play. Curse of Naxxramas had a rocky launch with an underwhelming first wing. Even beyond that, many challenges relied on luck rather than skill, and some bosses were best defeated by simply exploiting their poor decision making. Hopefully Blizzard has learned from their first adventure, and Blackrock Mountain will be a fun and engaging solo experience, rather than a tedious grind to unlock new cards.

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