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Xbox One Screenshots Are Finally Here


As previously mentioned, the Xbox One has been craving a dedicated screenshot mode for some time. With a multitude of beautiful, colorful games being released, the ability to take uncompressed stills just makes too much sense for a console that launched with a dedicated camera-based peripheral. Thankfully, the Xbox Wire has us covered, as they reveal that today’s rolling Xbox One March update will include this and a slew of other features.

Taking a screenshot on the Xbox One is fairly simple. Double-tapping the central Xbox button brings you up to a small, Upload-centric menu, where pressing Y allows you to take a screenshot. Also, for early adopters and those who generally bought the Xbox One with Kinect bundle, the command “Xbox, take a screenshot” does essentially the same thing. Both clips and screenshots go to Upload, with options for your photos available to allow things such as setting as your Xbox One background. Just like GameDVR clips, they can be shared on social media and uploaded to OneDrive.

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Further additions to the Xbox One firmware infrastructure that are important in their own right are things like adding suggested friends to your activity feed, allowing people to search you through your real name, enhancements to party chat, the option to share your voice search data anonymously (creepy, right?) and tile transparency for your background images. This way, you can determine for yourself what’s a perfect blend between apps and background art.

Returning back to screenshots, I’m glad that they’re here and all, but it’s a feature that really should have been available at least a year ago. With dedicated game streaming and with the Xbox One being branded as an all-in-one social gaming experience, not being able to show off your games easily on places like Twitter, Facebook and on gaming forums is a detriment to the social mindshare of the console and its library. I will scream from the mountaintops about how beautiful Ori and the Blind Forest is, but a picture is worth a thousand words and conveys the message much quicker.

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