Xbox One Screenshots Closer To Fruition By The Day


One of the oddest things about the entire decision to force a Kinect device in all Xbox One consoles (at launch) was the lack of ability to take a screenshot using either the Kinect or the Xbox One, itself. I mean, you had a proprietary device capable of gauging your heartbeat and muscle movements, on a console that lets you say “Xbox, record that” in order to record the last 30 seconds of game footage, yet taking a screenshot of just one of those 900 frames during that time (over a supposed 30 FPS) was not possible.

Fortunately, Xbox head Phil Spencer has been hearing outcries about the lack of that feature, and has teased the upcoming practicality of taking screenshots on his Twitter account.

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As shown in the tweet, Spencer is showing in-game footage of internal testing program “Beat Drop,” in which he’s paused the action to either press Y to save a screenshot or press X to record the past 30 seconds of footage. Further tweets indicates that including screenshot capabilities on the Xbox One was on of the top requests on the Xbox website feedback portal, and that the feature will get a proper introduction when the development team exits its current UI and activation debugging mode.

Even though it has been a feature on the PS4 since Day 1 (not to say that they haven’t been severely lagging behind in the “Day 1 promises” department), it’s never too late for now. Not only is it a great means of sharing humorous, emotional and thrilling gameplay moments with Xbox One friends both within the friends system and on social media, but it’s also an easier way of showcasing bug and gameplay errors for games without having to create a whole video, edit it and export it through the Upload Studio. Being able to recommend/warn friends of new Xbox One titles with in-game photos is a great way to promote feedback openness.

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