Street Fighter V Release Date Window Casually Announced


As PAX East action starts to heat up this weekend, every company in attendance is trying to grab your attention. Whether it be small, independently-owned operations or publishers with employees in the high ten-thousands, flashy and sizzled statements are made to bring you into what they’re selling. That’s what makes Capcom’s seemingly-innocent list of merchandise sold at PAX East ironic in its importance, as the Capcom Unity blog has announced that Street Fighter V is currently aiming for release on the PC and PS4, and I quote, “next Spring.”

While technically the next Spring in succession is in less than a couple of weeks, without a North American online beta and cross-platform play test already performed, it doesn’t make too much sense to expect Street Fighter V to come out over the next couple of months. Still, with such an important announcement in the form of a release window for 2016 (let alone release date), you would think it would come in a more grandiose fashion. Something along the lines of the initial Street Fighter V official announcement, which came at the inaugural PlayStation Experience event.

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Now that it’s all out in the open, that part of pre-release speculation can be put to rest so that we can focus on more important questions; who will be members of the Street Fighter V roster? With Charlie Nash’s return, seemingly-deceased characters are on the table. However, we only have 3 absolutely confirmed characters in the additions of Ryu and Chun-Li, with only a tease of M. Bison. Seeing that Street Fighter IV launched with 19, there’s many more character announcements to be made in the lead up to release. Hopefully, the next substantial announcement is just around the corner.

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