Considering the fact that Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono though..."/> Considering the fact that Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono though..."/>

Charlie Returns In Street Fighter 5; Beta Program Announced


Considering the fact that Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono thought it would take years before Street Fighter 5 ever saw the light, we’ve seen quite a bit out of the game’s development ever since it was formally announced at the PlayStation Experience event last year. While a release date (or even year) is still off the table, we have gotten to know a little bit more about the game from those working on it at Capcom. Lately, they have announced that Charlie Nash will be returning to the roster in Street Fighter 5, while releasing a bit of gameplay footage at the same time.

As you can see from his reveal trailer, Charlie is quite capable of handling himself in Street Fighter 5. Unleashing blue blasts of energy, as well as what Capcom claims was the first true Sonic Boom (in your face, Sega), his kicks are truly dangerous when utilized to their maximum potential. Plus, because of his powers, he can throw projectiles and teleport behind into a well-timed combo that attacks from multiple angles. His juggle game works both vertically and on the ground, it seems.

Furthermore, on the Capcom Unity blog, the Community Manager managed (no pun intended) to bury the true lede; Street Fighter 5 will be undergoing an extensive online beta on both the PS4 and PC in North America. When exactly that will occur is unclear at this point, however everyone who has pre-ordered the game will be automatically enrolled in the program. It should be a huge undertaking, considering Capcom’s use of the descriptor “largest and most ambitious online beta program in franchise history.”

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Considering the fact that Street Fighter 5 will feature cross-platform play, it’s not that exaggerated of a statement. Considering the technical differences available in hardware between that in a PS4 and a PC, making sure the netcode works as well as possible is imperative. The two most important things in a fighting game are a consistent 60 FPS (with no frame drops) and a reliable netcode that removes any unfair (dis)advantage in play.

Street Fighter 5 will be released on the PC and console-exclusively on the PS4. Both its release date and online beta are to be announced.,

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