Battlefield Hardline Beta Coming to Xbox One


The upcoming release Battlefield Hardline will be bringing a beta to the Xbox One.  The upcoming release from DICE is currently having a beta on the PS4 and until today it was not known whether the beta would be coming to the Xbox One.  According to Karl-Magnus Troedsson (general manager at DICE), “we will have a beta on all platforms before release.”  Magnus went on to say that although coming to the Xbox One, it will “not be the same version on the Xbox One.”  This is especially great for fans of both consoles that can now try at least two different versions of the upcoming release.

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According to DICE, the biggest reason for getting a beta out on all platforms is to help reduce some of the initial issues that were had with the launch of Battlefield 4.  This is a welcome development for Xbox fans because most of them are beginning to feel a bit left out, considering the recent Destiny Alpha and the ongoing Battlefield beta, both on the PS4.  Hopefully this will help encourage more AAA beta’s coming to the Xbox One.

As reported, the Destiny beta will be on both the PS4 and the Xbox One, although yet again, the PS4 version will begin on July 17th and the Xbox date has not been released.  Battlefield Hardline will launch on October 21st on the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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