Demiurge Studios Joins SEGA Networks


According to a post on their company blog yesterday, Demiurge Studios has been bought by SEGA Networks. Demiurge Studios is the development team behind Marvel Puzzle Quest, as well as having worked with other studios to create the PC version of Mass Effect, some of the art for Bio Shock, and other bits of big name games.

Demiurge as a group will undergo few major changes–they will retain their current location in Cambridge, MA and the same team they’ve been working with. Their CEO, Albert Reed, will remain in his current role while also taking on the job of VP of Product Management at SEGA. The team will continue to work on Marvel Puzzle Quest, which SEGA does not have the rights to.

This isn’t SEGA’s only recent acquisition. GameSpot reports that they also purchased a large share in Ignited Artists, a startup company working on their first game in San Francisco, where SEGA is also located. They have also made an investment of some kind in Space Ape Games, a UK company.

With the recent restructuring and layoffs at SEGA (as reported by IGN), it’s interesting to watch them as they acquire new and interesting assets and form connections to other major companies. Only time will tell what SEGA is cooking up to help save themselves.

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