Luigi’s Mansion Arcade On Its Way To Japan This Summer


After a lot of disappointment last week as SEGA announced it was closing its doors in San Francisco and focusing on mobile gaming, we now have a vague hint of their future. reports that SEGA, partnered with Capcom and Nintendo, is bringing the successful Nintendo GameCube title Luigi’s Mansion to arcades this summer. Luigi’s Mansion Arcade will debut in Japan, with no word on whether it will make it to North America or not. Here’s the original post from SEGA in Japanese.

Of course, it won’t be the full version of the game. Players will attempt to suck up ghosts using a special vaccuum cleaner controller, and collect coins in each stage. It will use the visuals of Luigi’s Mansion 2, and the entire game will be in a first person perspective.

I was really hoping we’d see Luigi’s Mansion come back as a Virtual Console title, remake, or even have a new installment on the Wii U, and it’s hard to tell whether such an announcement for arcades gives any indication if that’s still a possibility, or even if such an arcade game would ever show up in the west, where the arcade scene isn’t as profitable. Still, it’s an interesting step for SEGA, and may indicate future partnerships with Nintendo for other titles.

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