‘Important Rock Band Survey’ Indicative Of Series’ Future


Just days after releasing the first batch of Rock Band DLC in over 21 months, the Rock Band Facebook page has now released a link to an “important” survey. “Sharing the link is encouraged,” so I will facilitate their request and let you fill it out yourself.

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Most of the first few pages of the Rock Band survey are basic, asking you about games in the series you played, game instruments that you own, total DLC purchased, etc. The final page, however, is where this survey becomes interesting. You are asked to arrange a list of 12 different gameplay elements/features that are staples of the series and rank them from most/least important or valuable for “a new Rock Band experience.” Further questions ask of platforms you own, how inclined you would be “preorder a new Rock Band title,” and if compatibility with existing hardware is presumed, do you want instrument bundles or not.

While absolutely nothing about this survey is guaranteed, it does show serious intent by Harmonix to test the waters and see what they can present to interested publishers for a new Rock Band title. Preorders, albeit wholly unnecessary, are things that publishers look at in order to gauge sales figures ahead of a game’s release, so that question being included is quite telling. So is finding out what 8th generation platforms users own and what features are important for a new game.

The reason that games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero had to take a break was definitely due to oversaturation and exhaustion of the music games market. I blame Activision for that, because Activision released 10 games between Guitar Hero: On Tour Aerosmith’s June 22, 2008 release and the launch of Guitar Hero: Van Halen on December 22, 2009. In the span of 18 months, Activision had been pumping out, on average, one game every 2 months.

With more than 4 years since the last major music game was released, in the coming years the time will be right for a new Rock Band game.

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