Ganon Playable In Hyrule Warriors Via DLC


Hyrule Warriors is getting a lot of pretty fun DLC, and the upcoming fourth pack on March 12th is no exception. The “Boss Pack” will render Ganon playable in Hyrule Warriors, using his monster form to great effect:

Apparently Ganon is enormous, and can really tear up the battle field whether in monster form or not!

Nintendo Life reports other items included in the DLC pack, including a Boss Challenge that pits you against giant bosses and allows you to earn new costumes for various characters. The accompanying update will also raise the max item level, and add new potions, medals, challenge scenarios, various items, and fix a few bugs.

The DLC by itself costs $2.99, but if you’ve bought the Hero of Hyrule pack for $19.99, it will be included as part of all the DLC. The Hero of Hyrule pack is still purchasable if you don’t have it yet. However you feel about DLC in general, it’s awesome to see Nintendo paying so much attention to their game and delivering quality, exciting DLC packs to keep games relevant and playable over time. Hyrule Warriors is a game that lends itself to such treatment, easily.

If you’re still on the fence about picking up Hyrule Warriors, check out Eric’s review of the game.

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