Final Fantasy News: FFXIII Coming To PC, Bravely Second Footage, And More


Final Fantasy has been in the headlines everywhere this week. We’ve already reported on Tetsuya Nomura leaving FFXV to finish Kingdom Hearts III, and the new Final Fantasy XV trailer. Well now it looks like Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PC, as Kotaku reports.

The game is now listed on Steam for an October 9. It will cost $16. Square says they plan to release the other two FFXIII games, FFXIII-2 and FFXIII: Lightning Returns, by Spring 2015.

Also this week, as reported by Siliconera, a remake of Final Fantasy IV was releasedon Steam, and Final Fantasy I will becoming to the 3DS eShop in January of 2015 (it can actually be played in 3D, too!). Obviously a busy week for Square.

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Furthermore, there’s Bravely Second news. Bravely Default and Bravely Second are sort of spiritual siblings to the Final Fantasy series, borrowing many ideas and mechanics from the games.

Bravely Second was playable at the Tokyo Game Show and Siliconera reports that another new job asterisk has been revealed: the Wizard. The Wizard seems to combine different elemental magics with different types of attacks. The Wizard joins the Tomahawk as a newly playable class in Bravely Second. It also seems like Agnes, who has been captured in Bravely Second, fulfills the role of Airy in Bravely Default by hovering on the bottom screen of the DS and offering helpful hints.

Here’s a preview of Bravely Second from the Tokyo Game Show. Head’s up, everything’s in Japanese:

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