TGS 2014: New Final Fantasy XV Trailer


Hey, it’s a new Final Fantasy XV trailer, and man does it look gorgeous:

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The trailer doesn’t reveal a ton. At this point, Final Fantasy XV seems to be about 4 guys (one of them a prince), who do a lot of traveling by car (which seems rather pedestrian for the Final Fantasy series) and battle random monsters. At first glance, the gameplay seems to be taking a bent towards more action rpg than the slower turn-based style we are used to, but I think it’s just more of an evolution of the real-time battle system that’s has been the trademark of the series. Maybe a little closer to something like Mass Effect or Dragon Age, where the action is ongoing, but you can slow down or pause it if needed to plan out your strategy. I know a lot of people were disappointed in Final Fantasy XIII and it’s spin-offs, but Final Fantasy XV looks to be going in a very different direction and I am certainly willing to give a franchise that has so rarely let me down another go.


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