Twitch Takes TwitchCon 2016 Down To San Diego


Things will look to heat up down at the San Diego Convention Center this fall, as the Twitch community heads there for TwitchCon 2016.

Just like the streamer trying to find their bearings and figure out what works best for them, so, too, are Twitch trying to find out just how to sell their latest TwitchCon event. Last year was the debut, with the inaugural taking place in San Francisco during the last week of September.

This year, per a press release, Twitch will be hosting TwitchCon 2016 at the San Diego Convention Center between September 30 and October 2.

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That’s right, TwitchCon will now be a 3-day event in 2016, with the same focus on the Twitch community and how to grow your channel being a prime attraction. Of course, there will be games to play, meet & greets to enjoy, live shows, music being performed, panels to attend and actual merchandise to buy. Those Twitch hoodies are a hot commodity, so hopefully they will be available for purchase down in San Diego later this year.

Right now, the details are quite scant, although there is still a lot of time before TwitchCon 2016 kicks off. It will be interesting to see how these events will grow over the coming years as more and more people create and view live-streamed gaming content. Even though Twitch is headquartered on the West Coast, I would love to see one making over to the East Coast one year. The same sentiment is likely held by those living in Europe and Asia.

At a certain point, though, it could reach the point of no return and balloon into something it wasn’t intended to be, just like how PAX is now in every corner of the world for non-penny-arcade reasons.