Just Cause 3 Expansion Pass Takes Players To Air, Land & Sea


Starting off with “Sky Fortress,” Just Cause 3 players can expect a modest set of add-ons in the coming months.

Considering Rico Rodriguez’ unparalleled ability to traverse the air, land and sea, it only made sense that Square Enix title the Just Cause 3 expansion pass “Air, Land & Sea.” The first piece of that DLC set, “Sky Fortress,” will be releasing next month and will kick off a trio of explosion-ready pieces of content.

Available at a standalone price of $11.99, “Sky Fortress” will bring a new series of missions to Just Cause 3, due to the incoming namesake threat bringing along flying robotic drones in tow. In order to reach such a sky fortress, Rico’s wingsuit will be upgraded with Bavarium that acts as a rocket-powered propulsion suit fitted with shoulder machine guns and auto-targeting missiles. He will also get a personal drone of his own, and a Bavarium-enriched new assault rifle.

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“Land Mech Assault” has fewer details at this time, but it will introduce a new land vehicle that will carry over into the main Just Cause 3 gameplay. It is a heavy mech complete with a gravity gun, allowing for the manipulation of objects. It will be highly maneuverable, too. No timeframe on when that will be ready for launch, nor are there any details on the “Bavarium Sea Heist” third set of expansion pass DLC. Expansion pass holders will get access one week early, and all content should be ready by the end of summer.

The complete Just Cause 3 “Air, Land & Sea” expansion pass will retail for $24.99, and will be available across the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. You can check out my review of Just Cause 3 here.

h/t Gematsu