The Division DLC Will Be Timed Exclusive For Xbox One


If you play Tom Clancy’s The Division on PS4, expect to wait a month before you play each set of bonus DLC.

Given the nature of the game’s promotional efforts at events like E3 and the like, it’s not too big of a surprise. Regardless, Microsoft is pivoting from the loss of their timed-exclusive DLC window with Call of Duty and using their resources to partner with Ubisoft and Tom Clancy’s The Division. As noted in the above GameStop video, Xbox One gamers will get access to each piece of DLC content for 30 days before those on the PS4 get access to the same content.

This falls in line with what has been announced a long time ago, although specifics weren’t provided at the time. Roughly a year later after that initial Microsoft reveal came news that The Division DLC would be coming first to Xbox One, although the timeframe wasn’t provided at that juncture, either.

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The wording of the exclusivity limits, per Microsoft’s maddeningly convoluted PR statement rules, still doesn’t make it clear if Xbox One will be the only system that receives The Division DLC when they get it. Stating they’ll get it before Sony does means it could be coming to the PC version at the same time. Seeing how GameStop has such a small percentage of their sales go to PC gaming, however, and that Xbox’s Major Nelson and Microsoft were involved in that video, it makes sense that it could have been omitted.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will launch on the Xbox One, PC and PS4 on March 8th. An open beta for the game will be coming to all platforms this weekend, starting on Friday morning.