Street Fighter V Launch Event Pits Lupe Fiasco Against Pro


Lupe Fiasco will take “Kick Push” to heart when he faces Daigo Umehara at the Street Fighter V launch event.

Those who are in the San Francisco area and are fans of the Street Fighter series are in for a treat. Capcom will be holding a Street Fighter V launch event at the Folsom Street Foundry on February 15 starting at 5 PM PT. In addition to a number of pre-launch festivities, there will be some match exhibitions going on, leading up to the title card event; Daigo Umehara will face off against hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco.

Access to that fight will be exclusive to the first 50 people waiting in line, who will join members of the press as VIP’s. Everyone else can watch the event on the official Twitch channel at 7:45 PM PT, with access to the launch event opening up to the general public at 9 PM. Once Daigo bodies Lupe Fiasco, the two will also head to the GameStop on Market Street in SF to hang out and hand the first copies of Street Fighter V to the first people in line who pick up the game.

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Despite Lupe’s proclivity to all things Street Fighter, it takes a lot of guts to face one of the very best of the fighting game community in a very public setting such as Twitch. He’s already embracing having to hold the L, so at the very least the match will be entertaining. I mean, if seasoned Let’s Players can’t take down The Beast, it will be a hard challenge ahead for non-competitive players.

Street Fighter V will launch on PS4 and PC on February 16th.