Steam Lunar New Year Sale Is A Choose-Your-Own Adventure


Surprise; a new Steam sale sets you on an alternate reality game that brings you to theme-specific discounts.

Chinese New Year comes on February 8th this year, yet Valve is getting in on the festivities early with a bit of a surprise. The Lunar New Year Sale is now live on Steam, set to run for a week ending on February 12th at 1 PM ET. Thousands of games are on sale, with different highlighted deals expected to grace the site’s front page each day.

Additionally, there is an alternate reality game of sorts launched on the Steam store. While franchises like Tomb Raider, Fallout and XCOM are currently front and center, a fun litter adventure sits right below it. You are a monkey who is set to reunite with your family in your hometown of Monkey City. How you get home is up to you, taking you to pages with themed sales along the way. Drive around a body of water? Steam takes you to a page of driving games currently on sale. Arrive at the port and you have to suddenly choose sides in a fight between pirates and ninjas.

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It’s a neat little way of sharing some of the hidden gems that most Steam sales hide behind the front page in a way that engages the audience. The ultimate adventure takes you to your Wishlist page, meaning that you will get to find out which of the games you really want are on sale anyways. Considering the sale is out of the blue and contrary to what Valve usually does, savings should be appreciated whenever possible.