Map Size Of The Division Comparable To Fallout 4, Video Suggests

Courtesy MarcoStyle, Youtube.
Courtesy MarcoStyle, Youtube. /

Perhaps the best estimation of how big the map of The Division is compares to most of Los Santos in GTA V, full map of Fallout 4.

A lot has been made about the size of the map in Tom Clancy’s The Division. The popular belief is, due to Ubisoft developers feeding into the fans’ estimations while not explicitly confirming anything, we’re led to a diminished size of Manhattan than what the fans had first expected. If anyone is “to blame,” it’s arguably both sides feeding into the heightened sense of expectations. That said, with players getting access to the closed beta and the navigational tools that come with it, we now have a solid idea how big the map of The Division’s Manhattan will really be.

Youtuber MarcoStyle explains that, using a measurement of 200m estimated by the game map tools within The Division, the estimated width of the game’s map is 2.8 kilometers, or 1.7 miles. Based on the 35 seconds it takes to cross that distance multiplied by the amount of times 200m fits into 2.8 km, it should take about 8 minutes and 10 seconds to cross the width of the map of The Division. Overlaying the map of the game over that of GTA V, it covers most of GTA V’s Los Santos, minus the docks. It is also roughly the same size as Fallout 4’s map, taking roughly just as long to cross, as well.

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Of course, comparing even games that just own the “open world” moniker isn’t that fair of a comparison. Most of the map in The Division is littered with obstacles, buildings to climb up and down and loading-screen-hiding doors. You can reach the northern most point in GTA V from the top of Los Santos in less than three minutes with an average vehicle and an average driver. A lot of Fallout 4’s open world is barren, with dungeons not going too far down or up in terms of verticality. The point being made is that complaining about the size of the map in The Division but being totally fine with the others is a bit defeatist.

At the very least, we’ll find out how fun it is to play within the map of The Division when it releases on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 8th.