Pillars Of Eternity Receives Bevy Of Updates In Patch 3.0


Strongholds, quests and even optional gameplay mechanics will receive an update in Pillars of Eternity.

Ahead of the upcoming second half of The White March expansion, Pillars of Eternity will receive a patch update that will bring players to a host of new changes. Pillars of Eternity 3.0 comes with an update video, illustrating the changes coming to the game with the support of Executive Producer Adam Brennecke. It should be noted that the changes will not apply to just expansion owners, but to the base game only players, as well.

The first big part of the Pillars of Eternity update is changes to how your Stronghold operates. Adventures will now contain their own story components, visitors will present to you with intriguing dilemmas and there will be a new questline that has you fight for your rights to keep your stronghold. Beyond that, you now have the option to make gameplay more difficult by unlocking knockout injuries. Any time a character is downed in a fight, they will receive an injury that negatively affects stats until their next rest.

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How your athletics and survival skills operate will also be updated in Pillars of Eternity. A second wind heal can now be derived from the former, while new camping bonuses will be added from the latter. Changes to the Bestiary allows for more inclusions of sub-variants and a better organization of monsters. The action bar UI has been clarified to better explain per rest, per day and regular attacks, while the end-game of Act 3 has been upgraded in difficulty.

Perhaps the more divisive changes coming to Pillars of Eternity is the inclusion of a Story Mode. In it, players will have the option to add unlimited camping supplies and have difficulty in combat situations dropped dramatically, focusing more on the story of the game over its gameplay. Some may not like the idea of a video game being a walkabout, but with combat still being included as opposed to games that try to give story modes without it, the players will still remain immersed in the story and will be actually playing a video game, as opposed to watching a movie file.

Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part II will launch on February 16th.