E. Gadds! New Super Mario Maker Costume Coming Tomorrow


Everyone’s favorite vacuum-cleaner-based scientist and inventor is back in a new Super Mario Maker update.

Months after releasing, Super Mario Maker is still getting sporadic updates to its content. Mind you, most aren’t as substantive as the checkpoint-including update from last year, but they give players something new to add to their level design repertoire. Tomorrow evening, level editors and explorers alike will get the chance to check out Professor E. Gadd in Super Mario Maker.

Making his debut in Nintendo Gamecube launch title Luigi’s Mansion, this quirky professor aided Luigi in his search for his missing brother, Mario. His Poltergust 3000 helped Luigi suck up ghosts after exploiting their weak spots with a flashlight, and he would often consult with Luigi in an effort to make sure Mario made it home safe. Now it appears as though he will appear once again by ingesting a Mystery Mushroom in Super Mario Maker, with relevant music and sound files making his appearance that much more authentic to his original debut.

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To get access to the Professor E. Gadd costume, you will need to clear the new Event Course. It will go up tomorrow evening, with completion of the course adding his sprite into your toolbox. His specific course, which can be seen above, uses as many types of ghost creatures as possible in their Nintendo Entertainment System form, playing well into his character’s area of expertise. Who knows, with his new inclusion into the fold, players could find themselves recreating Luigi’s Mansion within Super Mario Maker!