Make War Not Love 3 Can Net Players Free Sega Games


Spend the week of Valentine’s Day slaughtering enemies in Sega PC games in the Make War Not Love 3 event.

Most of the time publishers hold week-long games engagement events, it’s done in a way that provides a minuscule reward in order to get sales and times spent playing up for a week. Sega’s Make War Now Love 3 will go about their promotion a bit of a different way; developers Creative Assembly and Relic Entertainment will provide their games to buy at a massive discount, and even offer temporary play in the final days for free.

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The way Make War Not Love works is simple; pick your favorite game between Company of Heroes 2, Total War: Attila or Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II through the event’s website. Starting on February 14th at 1 PM ET and running until February 20th at 1 PM ET, play as many matches, skirmishes or games as you like to help your game’s community earn points. Every 48 hours, the leading faction will receive a selection of Sega back catalogue games to download for free, as well as title-specific DLC.

Company of Heroes 2 will win The British Forces for taking a lead, the Tau Commander will be unlocked for Dawn of War II: Retribution and Total War: Attila will receive a to-be-announced, brand new piece of DLC. All content will be released after the week-long event is over, but hopefully that new piece of Total War: Attila content won’t mean that Sega’s PC community bundles over to that game just to check it out earlier. Either way, at a 75% discount for each game, at least Sega is making their Make War Not Love 3 event totally viable for PC players.