Heroes Of The Dorm Returns, $500,000 In Tuition On The Line


Expect to see Heroes Of The Dorm return to ESPN once again, with students across the United States and Canada competing for college and university money.

Why mess with success if you’re Blizzard Entertainment? Last year, Blizzard announced Heroes of the Dorm, a tournament event to promote then-upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm. Today, they have announced that the popular student eSports tournament would return in 2016, with more than $500,000 in tuition and other prizes to be won for competitors.

Heroes of the Dorm registration for eligible college students will run from January 28 to February 18th at this link, with the tournament running from February 20 to April 10. The Championship prize is tuition of up to three years, totalling in a cap of $75,000 USD. A substitute will also receive a free year of tuition, capping out at $25,000 USD.  The Top 4 Heroes of the Dorm teams will receive a custom built gaming PC per player, valued at roughly $1,200 USD. The Top 128 will receive a Tassadar and Crypt King skin each for use in Heroes of the Storm.

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Those interested in watching Heroes of the Dorm can check it out, starting from the Round of 64, on ESPN3, Twitch and Youtube on March 19. Those three outlets will also cover the Round of 32 on March 20, Round of 16 on March 26 and the Round of 8 on March 27th. From there, the Heroic Four and Grand Finals will take place on April 9th and 10th, respectively, with a television-exclusive broadcast on ESPN 2. Can’t wait to hear outcries that eSports aren’t real sports from a bevvy of hot-takers as baseball season starts up!

Just like March Madness, you can still get involved with Heroes of the Dorm without being an active player. If you participate in a bracket challenge to predict the winners, a $10,000 USD prize can be won if you have the most accurate ballot. There’s something for everyone with the event, and with money going to directly pay for higher education, everyone comes out a winner.