Sony Interactive Entertainment Set To Replace SCE


Sony Computer and Network Entertainment companies merge to create one central PlayStation company.

Well, this is certainly odd. On January 25 at 10:30 PM PT, Sony decided to lay on the heavy news that Sony Computer Entertainment is to be no more. As explained in a corporate release, it will merge talents with Sony Network Entertainment to create Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, with the launch effective April 1, 2016.

This is no early setup for an April Fools’ Day joke (at least, for now), as Sony Interactive will now be based out of San Mateo, California. The purpose of the new company is based on “Research, development and sales of PlayStation hardware, software, content and network services.”

Andrew House will act as President and Global CEO, while Shawn Layden will shift from SCEA president to lead of Worldwide Studios. Shuhei Yoshida will still act as president of Worldwide Studios, but will report to Layden. SCEE president Jim Ryan will now shift to Global Sales and Marketing. The full list of corporate heads can be seen below:

SonyInteractive_CorporateLeads /

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For gaming fans, there’s nothing better to hear out of Sony that they’ve rolled multiple companies into one and moved production to the United States. Because of that, you should start to see a bigger, streamlined focus on improving PlayStation as opposed to Sony growing the “electronic devices” brand. The idea of the PlayStation Network being optimized in the US as opposed to Japan is tantalizing, even if moving research & development away might take away from current strengths today.

With PlayStation VR set to release this year and the PS4 dominating the competition so far this life cycle, the PlayStation brand has never been stronger. Now that Sony’s rebranding themselves and starting anew, why the hell can’t we do that on PSN with screen name changes, Sony?