Dying Light Receives New Nightmare Mode With Upcoming Expansion


The Only Thing That’s Missing From Dying Light Now Is Perma-Death

With Dying Light‘s big expansion, The Following, due for release just two weeks away on February 9th, a lot of buzz has already been generating for a downloadable pack that is supposedly bigger that the original base game. To add to this, developer Techland have just announced a new, super hardcore difficulty level to be released with the game, known as Nightmare Mode.

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On this mode, enemies will be stronger, nights will be longer and players will have no UI assistance in any form. In addition, active skills will now quickly use up stamina, making combat an even less viable option than fleeing the scene, and special easter egg weapons will no longer be available. Think that’s crazy difficult already? There’s more; whenever the player dies, they lose all their experience points gained above their current level. In a game like Dying Light, where progression and upgrades make a world of difference, this could prove devastating for players who are careless with their lives.

That said, you gain experience points much faster, especially if you play with friends in co-op mode, and golden weapons are more likely to be found as loot drops across the map. Be warned, this is still a hell of a challenge only for the most hardcore of Dying Light fans, so be sure to check it out this February if you so dare. You can see all the details about Nightmare Mode in the video above.