Street Fighter V Receiving Cinematic Story Mode, Final Beta


Capcom will provide a core Street Fighter V experience at launch, with expanded Story Mode coming this summer. Take notes, Comcept.

There are a number of factors involved in planning a fighting game, especially around its release date. You want give fans enough time to test out a host of mechanics at launch, but don’t want to push it out the door too early before the next annual Evo tournament comes up. If you get a date too close to Evo and have balance issues, however, it might provide complications for planning and quality assurance. Some things have to be cut if you’ve run out of time, and it looks like Capcom will make good on a true story mode for Street Fighter V post-launch.

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The news comes from the PlayStation Blog which, in part, revealed a cinematic story expansion coming to Street Fighter V later this summer. In the meantime, each character will have their own storyline explained through stories weaved by Japanese illustrator Bengus. It allows Capcom to teach new players each character’s place within the Street Fighter universe leading up to the events of Street Fighter V, including interpersonal relationships that characters may have with each other.

While it would have been nice to include a story mode at launch, it makes sense for Capcom to get out the core fighting game experience now. You need to make sure the game runs well on PS4 to ensure things like frame lag, tier lists and overall gameplay balance works before Capcom can host major tournaments with thousands of dollars on the line. Some top competitive players won’t even care to check it out. Killer Instinct didn’t even get a story mode until Season 2, after the roster expanded to double its original size. At least, Capcom is updating it for free!

Street Fighter V will launch on the PC and PS4 on February 16. A final beta period will run from January 30th at 12:01 AM PT to January 31st at 7 PM PT as a thank you to the fans.