Her Story Is Getting A Sequel, Won’t Relate To Original’s Story


Will we see the rebirth of the FMV game following the sequel to Her Story?

Her Story surprised many with its narrative hooks last year, ultimately ending up winning several awards from Geoff Keighley’s year-end The Game Awards show. A large part of the effectiveness came from the one woman show acting of Viva Seifert paired with creator Sam Barlow’s script, which is rather extensive for the amount of dialogue the protagonist has to share with her investigators. Alas, each script starts with a first page, which is exactly what Barlow has shared today on his Twitter account for a sequel to Her Story.

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Her Story 2 isn’t the official title, as it and everything else involving the game’s narrative is a work in progress. It’s more of a confirmation that Her Story 2: Electric Boogaloo is the next thing in store for the indie developer, who promises that the sequel will have no story relation to the original. Considering that he has worked on projects like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Aisle previously, Barlow working on a sequel of a game that has established its storytelling hook already will prove to be a difficult challenge in terms of subverting expectations.

As the so-called Her Story 2 will include live acting once more, it will be interesting to see exactly why it’s a sequel. What exactly will be transfered over to the next title? Is it the storytelling mechanic of being a detective looking at video files of a criminal investigation, or is the solitary woman confiding her personality and inner most thoughts opposite of a camera? The wait for more information should take some time, considering the sequel’s early stages, but the number of questions surrounding development right now can only bode well for the game’s interest.