That Nintendo NX Survey ‘Leak’ Already Flopped


To be shocked that Nintendo fans ate up a Nintendo NX rumor and ran with it far beyond possible reason is disingenuous.

Another day, another wild rumor involving the Nintendo NX that seems to be fervently discussed in online communities as if it were accurate in any way, shape or form. Today’s edition of the same old song and dance came from Twitter, where Liam Robertson (Did You Know Gaming, Nintendo Life contributor) posted a portion of a survey that indicated relevant information about the upcoming Nintendo NX from a source.

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The “rumoury rumour” preface should have been enough to denote that nothing was definitive, but that can’t stop the masses from treating it as if it were true and discussing it to thousands and thousands of views. The idea that Nintendo would reveal specifications for the Nintendo NX to non-developers, especially to a survey group like GFK, just so they can gauge consumer interest makes no sense. It shows a lack of understanding in both console manufacturing and how Nintendo operates, with secrecy being paramount.

Thankfully, we have people like Emily Rogers who happen to love Nintendo and are level-headed in their fandom, independently confirming the existence of the survey and then posting the rest of the Nintendo NX survey in parts one, two, three and four. You can tell from viewing these screenshots that the survey (sent out by Swag Bucks) is speculating, guessing and providing a number of possibilities as opposed to outright posting specific stats.

GameSided did reach Nintendo for comment, with a spokesperson saying, “We have nothing to announce on this topic.” It’s more upsetting, personally, that we wasted time in getting a comment, as the Nintendo NX rumor has essentially been debunked in the time it took to get it. I mean, 4K streaming and 900p output despite the Wii U already outputting gameplay at 1080p on certain occasions? How naive do you have to be to believe that?