Mike Tyson Entering The Octagon For EA Sports UFC 2


Iron Mike Tyson, alongside a Legacy version, will both be available to play in EA Sports UFC 2.

Considering that EA Sports UFC included a playable version of Bruce Lee, the game development staff had to come back with yet another infamous fighter for the game’s sequel. One of the more split online debates argues the winner of a fight between Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson, so it just makes sense that Mike Tyson would be the second legendary non-MMA fighter to join the series as a special guest playable character.

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The news comes from a press release, reminding players that those who pre-order EA Sports UFC 2 will get access to Mike Tyson straight away. Those who wish to avoid such practices will have to unlock him by progressing to the Hall of Fame in Career Mode.

“As a huge fan, I’m honored to be part of EA SPORTS and explore the world of mixed martial arts,” said Mike Tyson. “I follow UFC very closely and it’s going to be very cool to see how I would stack up against these amazing MMA athletes.”

Both light heavyweight and heavyweight versions of Mike Tyson will be available to play in EA Sports UFC 2, providing multiple gameplay options to the player. The game has been touted with an all-new Knockout Physics System, which will certainly be best exemplified by one of boxing’s most prolific punchers.

Mike Tyson is the third and final of three UFC 2 pre-order incentives, which also include Bas Rutten and Kazushi Sakuraba.