Bravely Second: End Layer Defaults To April 15 NA Launch


Japan gets less than a year’s head start over North America, which will receive Bravely Second: End Layer and a Collector’s Edition to boot.

While a hubbub is being made over Fire Emblem Fates next month, additional prominent RPG’s are making their way to the Nintendo 3DS in the first half of 2016. Bravely Second: End Layer, the sequel to the surprise traditional Square Enix turn-based RPG, finally has a release date for North America. It will launch on April 15, with a Collector’s Edition following in tow.

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Retailing at a suggested price of $69.99, the Bravely Second: End Layer Collector’s Edition contains a copy of the game, a ten-song original soundtrack and a 250-page art book. Oddly enough, the demo version, titled Bravely Second: End Layer – The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers, will contain a unique story than what is found in the traditional game, with new jobs and areas offered in the experience. Those interested in Streetpass will note that tags and other bonuses from the demo will carry over to the full game, even if the story isn’t the same.

The original Bravely Default was a groundbreaking example of Square Enix relying on their old RPG tricks to create a new IP to glorious results, earning them plenty of Game of the Year nominations upon release. While the build up towards the release of Bravely Second hasn’t been as momentous as the young series might deserve, it certainly is a busy and trying time for Square Enix proper. With the upcoming Japanese release of Project Setsuna, a slated 2016 release of Final Fantasy XV and continued work on Kingdom Hearts III, Bravely Second’s April 15th release date seems more like a surprise than anything.