Minecraft: Story Mode Available on Wii U This Week


Wii U owners prepare for some pixel-styled fun in a few days.

Minecraft: Story Mode is on its way to the Wii U. On January 21, the Telltale-styled, episodic game will be available for play.

At first, only Episode 1: The Order of the Stone is accessible, but have not fear, more episodes should appear in the near future. Before today’s announcement, on October 27, 2015, Minecraft: Story Mode was released across many platforms (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and others), not named the Wii U and PlayStation Vita. This announcement is timely for Wii U owners; Episode 5 is soon-to-be released, so now is the time to binge play the game and get caught up.

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One neat thing about the Minecraft: Story Mode experience on the Wii U is the use of its gamepad. Players will be able to use the game pad as a second-screen experience and go back and forth between screens.

If you’re interested, each individual episode will be available for $5 a piece at the eShop or pay $20 for the season pass and Episodes 2 through 5. Minecraft: Story mode has received OK reviews per episode, so if you are one of the millions of Minecraft fans out there, give the story mode a look.