Rock Band 4 Now Accepts Rock Band 1 Track Exports


Classic on-disc Rock Band songs will be making their way to PS4 Rock Band 4 owners in North America starting today.

For those who are diehard fans of the Rock Band series since the beginning, upon the next entry in the series, the previous version of Rock Band’s on-disc songs have been traditionally offered as a piece of DLC export, carrying over licencing-issue-free tracks from one game to another. For the Rock Band 4 launch, however, it took the now independent Harmonix a bit of time to get such things prepared for their audience. Today, however, marks the day that PS4 users of Rock Band 4 can now export Rock Band on-disc songs into their song collections.

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The service, which is still unavailable to European or any Xbox One users, is only offered to those who own the now-defunct Rock Band export as part of their download list. The process to get those songs on Rock Band 4 is a bit complicated, but not too difficult for those who have done this process before.

First step is to open Rock Band 4 and scroll to the “Get More Songs” option. Scrolling down further to “Exports,” the next step is to select the “RB1 Disc Export Pack.” Should your account be verified, it will acknowledge that the pack is free. It will then bring you directly to the PlayStation Store to get a free download. Once downloaded and installed, a safety restart should be completed so that the song library will properly display Rock Band songs. You cannot export songs from the PlayStation Store in-console or online; only through Rock Band 4.

Eight of the original 47 tracks will come at a later time, including the bonus tracks from Anarchy Club, Bang Camaro, Freezepop, Tribe and others. Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid,” Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills” and Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” have long been unavailable for Rock Band exports, and will carry true in Rock Band 4.